The Practitioner

Lawrence Mo, M.S. L. Ac.

Lawrence Mo, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM), MSTCM, received his Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the University of East West Medicine in California. He is licensed by the state of California and board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Lawrence discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in early 2000’s after he encountered the illness of relatives who did not fully recovered and treated well from mainstream western medicine. He was thinking any alternative medicine that can be used for today’s health care. After he read about the classic Huang Di Nei Jing and Sheng Han Lun, he realized the solution was from the ancient classic wisdom that can still be applied to our life.

His mission to become an acupuncturist was born! He is now deeply committed to helping spread the wisdom of Chinese Medicine into the mainstream, so that more people can benefit from this holistic and healthcare alternative.

Lawrence is trained in, and practices a broad range of advanced techniques in his healing sanctuary: Traditional Acupuncture Method, Master Tung’s Acupuncture, Muscle and Tendon Relaxing Manual Therapy, Cupping, Moxibustion and Herbal prescription.

Why Splendor Health Center?

Why Splendor Health Center?

We provide a compassionate approach to healing.

Your experience is tailored to meet your individual needs rather than be treated as a labeled disease.

A comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan is provided.

We help you discover the root cause of your health concerns and move towards resolution of symptoms once and for all rather than a bandaid approach to medicine

You can trust our foundation in western and eastern medicine so your conditions can be treated with an integrative approach

We help you move out of areas in your body and mind where you may be stuck

Exercises, lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement counseling are included during your course of treatments.

The clinic is centrally located in the heart of Palo Alto for convenience to every city district.



Sonya K., San Diego, CA. 5/31/2015

I went to see Dr. Mo a few weeks ago for a bad sinus infection that was causing severe headaches. I happened to be visiting my family in Bay Area for a few days (I live in San Diego) and didn’t have a primary care physician there, so I gave the Splendor Health Center a shot after hearing about it through a friend. I called to make an appointment and was able to be seen the same day. Dr. Mo was very welcoming and listened to my concerns and symptoms before writing me a Chinese herb prescription for me to cook at home and drink. He even helped me find a Chinese herb store in San Diego for me to go to buy additional herbs if I needed it. Fortunately, the initial herb doses worked and my headaches went away the following day! After drinking the herbs a few more days my sinus completely cleared up and I was back to 100%. I definitely will be back in the future if I have any medical needs.

Simon L., San Jose, CA. 7/11/2015

My husband had been bothered by allergy for years, and symptom was severe a year ago, he couldn’t sleep much during the night and Claritin was not working anymore.

We came here for an alternative solution and it worked for us. This year, when allergy season came, my husband was doing okay, and not only that, he felt his health condition is better than last year overall.

Dr. Mo is not only very friendly but very informative as well. He will give suggestions to what kind food we should avoid and what kind of food we should have, including the suggestion for life style as well. Therefore, me and my husband both felt more energetic than the past.

In addition, I don’t like to cook Chinese herb medicine, and they offer powder style medicine, it is really convenient for people lazy like me.

The environment is clean and quite, very comfortable. They take credit card payment, it is convenient too.

Simone L., Milpitas, CA. 8/9/2015

I had a problem where I coudln’t urinate properly for nearly 2 months.  I had to go to the bathroom over 20 times a day, only to pee very little and with great difficulty. Also, my bladder constantly felt bloated and very uncomfortable.  My urologist said it’s because the muscles in my bladder were too tight.  The only option he gave me was to use a catheter – YIKES!  I tried it and it was EXCRUCIATINGLY painful!  I was looking for an alternative.

Luckily my friend introduced Dr Mo.

He helped me in 2 ways:

1. The first time he treated me with acupuncture and I was able to go for 3 hours without urinating.  Also, I was able to sleep soundly that night.

2. Later he prescribed Chinese medicine for me.  Before the medicine, an ultrasound of my bladder showed that I would still have over 210cc of urine in my bladder even after urinating (anything over 150cc calls for a catheter).  After I took the medicine for one week, the ultrasound showed that I would only have around 80cc of urine left in my bladder after urinating.  Even the nurse taking my ultrasound was surprised!

After 4 weeks of Dr Mo’s medicine, my problem is completely fixed and now I really appreciate his help!  If you’ve never suffered from urinary problems this may sound a bit strange, but being able to urinate normally is sooo awesome!

Thank God I met Dr. Mo!

Frank. R., Palo Alto, CA. 9/8/2015

Excellent care! My wife and I have both been treated by Dr. Mo and had great results. He is very easy to talk to and always takes great care to understand whatever issue you might be having before coming up with the treatment best suited to you.

I experience back and neck pain because of my work, and occasionally have had other issues as well. My wife had some digestive problems. Dr. Mo’s treatment and advice really helped with those problems, and we feel that our overall health has significantly improved as well.

I do not typically post reviews but was highly motivated in this case because Dr. Mo has been such a great help to my wife and me. Can’t say enough good things about him and the care he provides us. I highly recommend Splendor Health Center.